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99.9% of people make life decision based on opinion of others. That’s SCARY! Please don’t be one of them, there is a better way. Get your FREE copy of the Purpose Compass – a proven formula and exact steps for finding your true purpose in life so you stop stumbling and start thriving.

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Waiting for perfection

This constant striving and constant “not-enough” mess will be the deadly force for all of us. Some of us will get sick, others will let their lives go by without paying attention to the moments and quality people and some will make it to the very top and revel in their loneliness.

It ain’t slowing down baby so you gotta make it go slow

In case you haven’t noticed, we have the best productivity and time saving tools we have ever had and we have never been this busy, overwhelmed and anxious. It’s not about to slow down. What’s the answer? You have to find your anchor. You have to resist the notion that you have to follow the herd

How painful moments can create change

If you look at how we all make decisions, you will notice that majority of our changes are a result of something uncomfortable or painful. Changes come as a result of contrast – experiencing something we don’t like and making a decision to do something about it. So, painful moments create change but unfortunately, many of us focus on the pain and why it’s there in the first place.

Stop scrolling and start thriving. You got this.


Ok, I want the formula!

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