Actions creates emotion and why that is important

Hello beautiful people, today I will discuss how our emotional state is dependent on our thoughts and actions today.

I have been busy with spring walks, and loads of new content, as well as my two little sons. They continue to make me realize how much I still have yet to learn!

Spring is almost here and for many of us this means that hibernation is still in full swing. It is easy for all of us to fall into states of inertia, and continue to be stuck and irritated. We all often stay stuck longer than we should.

Research is conclusive that our emotional state of minds are dependent on our thoughts and actions. Today I will offer a few tips on how you may get out of an emotional state of mind that is not serving you as well as talk about the things that I do serve a better emotional state of mind. Things that always help me create a different state of being and why they might work for you as well.

Click on the video below and watch.

Please share if you know of anyone who would appreciate the message.

Much love to you all,


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