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Brad Pitt the philosopher

Today I want to talk about a non traditional philosopher but an important philosopher, Brad Pitt.

Do you ever feel paralyzed with too many choices or not sure which one is the right one?

If you are like most people, the to do list grows longer and longer but there never seems to be enough time in a day to get it all done.

I hope you don’t think it’s only you!

Recently, I found myself stuck with so many goals I have set out for myself. Day in and day out, I found myself busy chasing after so many things and not feeling like I was accomplishing anything substantive at the end of the day.

Enter Brad Pitt, the philosopher. 

A client of mine said that he had an aha moment about his journey when he heard Brad Pitt say: Movement is life (apparently, it was in some kind of zombie movie that I will probably never watch. But hey – it gave us material for today).

As you all know, I love to experiment on myself and others and see what actually works. As a result, I came up with some really useful ways to get moving and I wanted to share that with you all.


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1. Write a list of many ideas/things and just start doing something Analysis leads to paralysis often in this case. The world is so expansive and we have so many options for what we could be doing. The problem arises when we are faced with so much choice that we end up doing nothing.   Brainstorm on some of the things you want to do and commit to starting to do ONE thing. Something.


2. Process of elimination When you start doing something (all of these “somethings” are supposedly the things you are very interested in), you are able to “try it on” and see if this is the thing you want to do.   So, if you happen to think your life purpose could be four different things, start by exploring one (or aspect of it) and see how it feels. In the process, you will start to eliminate some things from your list and you will move on without regret and with assurance.


3. Inspiration comes from trying things on – even if you don’t like them Often, doing something you end up eliminating will give you a different outlook on your life and may inspire you in a way you didn’t think it would.   You have been wanting to try yoga forever? Just do it – you may find a perfect way to move. Or – maybe you will end up going to the wrong class or peeking in a different studio and find something else you like better. See?


4. You will unfairly put a label on yourself unless you try Faced with endless lists of things we would like to explore, we get paralyzed with inaction and years go by like that. With every passing year, we feel less and less confident. We may even end up with a belief like this:


“I have tried so many times and I always fail.”

“I am really bad at following through.”

“I am just not as good as others at this.”


The sad truth, more often than not, is that you never even gave yourself a fair chance. Today, follow this process:

  • Brainstorm.
  • Do something. One thing. Anything. (Even if it’s just looking it up)
  • Cross things off the list.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for trying, relax and then do it again.
  • And again.
  • And again.
  • You get the point.

Peace of mind is what we all really want in the end If all else fails and you are exhausted from doing, a nice warm bath or an afternoon nap is a perfect way to step away from it all and recharge. The only thing that matters, after all, is your peace so make sure you don’t lose sight of that in this business of DOING.

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