Chris Freytag: 4 Hacks to Start Your Day Right

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day.

Hello friends,

Chris Freytag is one of my favorite people and you should follow her right now! She is funny, smart and always giver of immense value in regards to health and fitness. She invited me for yet another lunch and talk about hacks to get your day started right and there is one we both swear by . . . can you guess what it is?

Which hack do you do or want to try doing now?

Watch and let me know what you think!

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day. Here’s a recent video I did that will compliment these tips!

Would you like more of these tips?
Join the crowd and be happy you did.

Trick about success

Today I want us all to think about how our own personal relationships affect the work we are doing and how having good relationships is the trick to success. This is a story about Alfred Adler and how one part of our life affects all others.

Christina Lazarakis: permission to create again

Christina Lazarakis is an artist, singer and songwriter. That is who she has always been and before self sabotaging voices showed up, she spent her days creating and giving of herself through various art forms: painting, making music, singing in a band, acting in multiple plays and films, singing fabulous songs……and then she stopped ALL of it for 7 years.

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