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People just like you were able to follow the formula and create extraordinary results: 39 businesses started, countless dream jobs found, confidence boosts and much, much more! See why Jasna has been rated the best Life and Business Coach in Minneapolis for almost a decade!

I would describe my first call with Jasna as feeling like a huge sigh of relief. From the moment I first spoke to her, she began unraveling desires of mine that I wasn’t even aware I possessed. Her intuition and business savviness combine to make a powerful impact on anyone’s dreams and goals. Working with Jasna was the beginning of the most exciting and growth provoking chapters of my life thus far. I went to her feeling confused, lost, and longed for some clarity and direction. She gave me those things and beyond! She supported and guided me through the process of truly understanding myself and helped me uncover my limiting beliefs and learn how to stop getting in the way of my own success.

Her passion for helping others is always at the forefront and she never fails to deliver, not to mention her spirit is just so fun to be around! She’s passionate, she’s kind, caring, and knows how to get shit done. I’m forever grateful to have made the decision to work with her.

Samantha Mester

Life and Confidence Coach, Samantha Mester Coaching

Before she ever met me, Jasna believed in me. In our very first phone call, she listened to my uncertainty, my fear and my hesitation, and she recognized who I was underneath the doubt. I can’t say how grateful I am that I chose to work with her.

Not only did she give me the confidence to continue on my new path, but we also focused on actionable items like gaining clients, building my website, and creating my social media presence. I can’t express how appreciative I am for all she did.

Katrina Widener

Life Coach, Katrina Widener Coaching

I am so happy I hired Jasna as my coach; it was one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made!

Even though I’m a self-improvement junkie when it comes to personal/professional achievement, I felt her coaching helped me shed fears, self-doubt, confidence dips, and navigate the intricacies of family relationships. I learned how to show up as a brand new leader (at work), how to handle challenges and uncertainties with authentic grace and power.

Jasna delivers on results and wins. Your life will transform in front of your eyes. She is magic!

People…RUN (don’t walk) to make an appointment with Jasna!!!

Anastasia Demehin

Business Change Manager, MBA

My coaching experience with Jasna has been the biggest change I’ve seen in myself in such a short time since I became a mother! I have stretched myself to do things that I never would have dreamed I would have done. It is so empowering to have the confidence to say out loud where I want to be in 5 years and truly believe that I can make that happen! Jasna praised me when I needed it, pushed me even when I didn’t want her to:), and was ALWAYS only a phone call, text or email away. She helped me to take my fears and make dreams out of them… attainable dreams!

Heidi Nelson

Entrepreneur, Heidi's Clubhouse

Working with Jasna was the best gift I could’ve given myself. I still remember our initial phone call we had and how she brought me to tears. I felt as though she had pierced my soul and understood me so well in such a brief conversation. At the time I was considering working with a different coach, and after that first phone call with Jasna I knew I had to work with her.

I was working with Jasna on gaining confidence and certainty in growing my coaching business. I ended up walking away with far more than these asks in my 3 months of working with Jasna. Not only did I gain confidence and certainty in my direction, but I also started doing. I gained clients, I grew my business and brand and left my corporate job to pursue my dream. If you would’ve told me that I was doing all this a year ago I wouldn’t have believe you. Jasna has an intuitive gift and the right amount of push to create extraordinary results for her clients. I am so grateful for my experience in working with her and the different future we created together!

Megan Cerney

Life and Business Coach, Meg's Coaching

Jasna is incredible coach! She is a phenomenal listener. She is curious. She will extract those genuine and unique gifts you may have long since dismissed. She has an uncanny gift for reflecting back and challenging the (often unconscious) underlying and often, self-limiting beliefs that are serving as barriers to your goals. Jasna is passionate and purposeful. A coaching experience with Jasna is not just about what you want to hear or in some cases what may be easy to hear; but it will be delivered with heart and total respect. If you are committed to acting on the work, you will create the path and tactics to get you to your new goals. Jasna’s gifts and her intense support led me to changes I could have never made on my own. Thank you Jasna!

Jill Reamer

Business Consultant, Jill Reamer Inc

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this beautiful soul. She is a gift that shines bright. Making the choice to work with Jasna WILL change your life. She is filled with inspiration. She is authentic and genuine and truly cares about helping others become the very best version of themselves. She is filled with hope, optimism and gratefulness. I am drawn to her positive energy. The sun shines a little brighter with her in this world. Thank you, Jasna, for the incredible work you do!!!

Jodi Short

Lover of Life

Jasna has an amazing gift for seeing the light and talent in others and helping them fully realize their life’s purpose….and profitably.  I sought her out because I wasn’t fulfilled in my corporate career, but had no idea what to do about it. The first time we talked, I both laughed and cried and she promised me that she would take me to some dark places, but “hold my hand until I was out.” And she did! She helped me uncover my fears, but also the things that energize and drive me. Ultimately, she helped me uncover my desires, create goals and find the confidence to make the change I wanted.

She knows people and she knows business. Her expertise is the sweet spot where those two things come together! She’s spicy, snarky, serious, funny, intelligent, beautiful, selfless and full of wisdom. I adore her and am so grateful for the change she’s inspired in my life!

Emily Baynard

Digital Media & Design Strategist, Emmi Ro

I absolutely love this woman. Jasna helped me transform myself professionally and personally in ways I have been yearning for and dreaming of for a very long time. With Jasna’s coaching, I am finally putting myself out there, showing off what I do, and taking ownership of my expertise, all with a sense of confidence I had been sorely missing. Finally I have a website and a brand for my business! Finally I am going after some clients and work I want. And most excitingly, I’m launching a new project that is very dear to me—an idea I think will make a big impact in the world in some very real ways. Jasna has been my real life super hero. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Alison Brueggemann

Brand strategist and a graphic designer, Storied Creative

When I met Jasna, I felt I needed to speak with a professional about the direction in my life. This included bad habits with my personal well-being and the impact it was having on my business. After meeting with her, my outlook on  everything shifted toward the positive. She is extremely upbeat and her feedback on the nuances of life provided me with a foundation to build on moving forward.

I think over time, it has been easy for me to lose perspective on life, business and relationships. Because of Jasna’s background, she immediately provides that perspective and makes me appreciate who I am and what I have been able to accomplish. She still keeps me focused on improving myself mentally, physically and from a business standpoint. For that, I am very grateful. For those of you looking for a life or business coach, I highly recommend Jasna. Her attention to my needs has been focused and her positivity is infectious.

Clint Danks

Chief Marketing Officer/Owner, Think SEM

There are no adequate words to describe Jasna Burza….. She has this amazing gift of seeing deep into you and truly peeling back the layers and clearing out the cobwebs of self doubt and procrastination and self-sabotage – always seeing the bright, shiny version of us until we are able to see it ourselves.  She only sees the light and is able to help take everything that is amazing about a person and apply practical and meaningful strategies to help channel that brightness to accomplish specific business objectives.  She is so much more than a business strategist.  She is so much more than an engaged, focused listener.  She is so much more than a life coach.  She helps to dig deep to really pinpoint our “why” and then makes sure that our dreams become our realities.  She reminds us that we are worth living the life of our dreams and then helps us to do just that.  She is magical, practical, empowering, driven and completely endearing all at the same time.  She radiates love and acceptance and kindness.  Working with Jasna is a privilege and a true gift.

Kari Shideman

Sales Executive/Entrepreneur

I loved every minute of working with Jasna.  She opened up a whole new world to me that I never knew existed: the world of positivity, the world of believing in yourself and good things, the world of honoring your values and living a life you govern.  I felt inspired to conquer the world throughout the entire time I worked with her.  I am looking forward to the future that I get to create with all the tools and wisdom Jasna shared with me.

Anna Shpilsher

Senior Business Information Analyst

Knowing Jasna and using her services has been a bliss. She is a deep, wise soul with a very charming personality. I was starting my own practice and needed someone to hold me accountable, call me on my laziness and useless excuses. The entire experience was really amazing, she would ask me really good questions, which made me think and move forward with my goals. With my busy schedule I didn’t have time to think about the bigger picture. She made me rise above and take a second look at my plans and life goals. It was a very eye-opening experience for me. Did I mention about her magnetic personality and what an incredible person she is?

Arusyak Abrahamyan

Bay Area Law Firm Principal

I feel so blessed to have worked with Jasna. I’m a successful professional, but had felt like in the past 6 months I was starting to lose my energy and my confidence. Jasna helped me to really understand what might be the underlying issues and she helped formulate with me a series of steps to help things improve. What amazed me the most, is how fast this process worked! It sounds crazy but after only 4 or 5 meetings over a 2 month period, things in my life have completely turned around. My energy is back, business is up, and I have the confidence to know that it’s only going to improve more! I know things are on the upturn, but I also feel confident that I have the tools to deal with any future downturns. I can’t leave out what a warm and energetic person Jasna is. She makes you feel so good by really believing in you and you come away from each meeting feeling empowered. Thank you Jasna!

Rob Barnett

Vice President, Merrill Lynch

I didn’t necessarily know what I was missing until I met Jasna. I did know I was ready to take steps into my next career move, and yet felt lost in the murkiness. Instantly, she empowered me to start moving. She gave me permission to be confident, to be daring and authentic. She saw me like I needed to be seen. She will not waste your time, she will change your life and she will hold space for you to be the biggest and best version of yourself. Grateful is not a big enough word to describe my feelings towards this magnificent woman—she is an angel, a coach and a psychic all wrapped into one amazing human.

Nikki Erchul

Health and Life Coach

Jasna is an incredible soul–when I first met her I was waist-deep in my own insecurities and self doubt from my personal and professional life. At our first consultation, Jasna greeted me so warmly, as if we had known each other for years. As the initial “discovery” session went on, it became evident that she had an amazing gift–listening, with empathy and understanding. For so long I had my fears and dreams bottle up inside of my head, but after the session, a wave of relief and bliss had washed over me. Throughout our approximate five months that we were meeting I underwent a huge spiritual transformation. A recent graduate from college, thrown into a corporate job that wasn’t in alignment with my soul, I was basically a mess, for lack of a better word. I was initially so focused on having a specific result at the end of our meeting together, but within the first week, it became clear that her process went so, so, so much deeper. I found myself, my spirituality, my passion, and my life’s dreams when I met with Jasna. 

She guided me, and created the space, for me to have such a huge transformation. Close to a year later, my life would simply not be where it is today, without her guidance and support. I can see my dream life so much clearly now, and as she said in our first meeting, “I don’t believe in reality”–thanks Jasna, now I no longer do either. I am so grateful to Jasna for being apart of my journey.

Emily Palecek

Lover of life

Working with Jasna helped me create the time, space, and energy to give to myself. It helped me realize how capable, competent, and incredible I am. It made me understand that I have a gift to give to the world. I am forever indebted to Jasna for sharing her gift with me. She taught me that all I needed was well within me. That the lightness, the freedom, the permission to follow my dreams — all the things I was seeking — were all within me. When we started working together, I thought I’d be keeping her on retainer throughout my life. I was surprised when she told me that she works with most clients just three to five months — not nearly enough time to “fix” me, I thought. I remember Jasna saying that when I saw what she sees in me that her work was done. I was astonished just two months into our work together to realize I had found myself, fully intact, not in need of any fixing. Thank you, Jasna, for being a treasured part of my life.

Sarah McKay

Food and Agriculture entrepreneur

I found Jasna through the wonderful serendipity of a Google search, and I can honestly say that this has been one of my most successful Google searches and investments in myself and my business. Jasna is good, very very good at what she does; she has a way of seeing through the stories and narratives that we convince ourselves to be true, calling you on your illusions and making you face up to your fears and really actually go after what it is that you want. Being an entrepreneur, or anyone really with ideas a little different than the norm can be a lonely existence- we can start to go a little crazy with our own thoughts, and we can start to drive our partners, family members and friends a little crazy too because of our constant need to find a sounding board, to talk it through. Jasna does just that, and so much more. It’s like she teaches you to be you, authentically and purely you. I loved the way Jasna pushed me (she’s the master of tough love), the way she taught me skills that I can take into life and business and all the sticky places in between. I’m gushing, my heart is full and I’m eternally thankful!

Irina Vishnevskaya

Founder of Alle travel

I love Jasna’s ability to connect the dots. She aligns all aspects of your life to help gain clarity and hope for what’s possible. Best of all, she does this in a kind, authentic, and creditable way. She brings value to our conversations with her intuition and knowledge. I have made significant positive lifestyle changes as a result of having Jasna in my corner.

Jennifer Champer Huber

Director of Marketing/Dale Carnegie

Jasna is the most positive person that I have ever met. She brought such light to my life during our time together. She helped focus me and yet open me up to so many new and different possibilities.

She really gave me the motivation and confidence to help move me to the next stage in my life.

Tamara Tripp

Fundraising Manager

As a result of working with Jasna, I am much more confident, organized, and free. I am no longer afraid of the opinion of others and am not hesitant about reaching out. I also learned that I am not defined by others. Just because I seek acknowledgment does not mean I need to change who I am. I am an artist who makes things in order to enrich the world. : ) Jasna is a warm, smart, energetic, and intuitive coach. What she has done for me seems simple, but that could not be further from the truth. Through her strategies and unending empathy she allowed me to gain a clarity about myself that I have never experienced. Her services were invaluable to me. Contacting her was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career and for my own happiness.

Hunter Jonakin

Artist, Hunter Jonakin

Working with Jasna helped me create the time, space, and energy to give to myself. It helped me realize how capable, competent, and incredible I am. It made me understand that I have a gift to give to the world. I am forever indebted to Jasna for sharing her gift with me. She taught me that all I needed was well within me. That the lightness, the freedom, the permission to follow my dreams — all the things I was seeking — were all within me. When we started working together, I thought I’d be keeping her on retainer throughout my life. I was surprised when she told me that she works with most clients just three to five months — not nearly enough time to “fix” me, I thought. I remember Jasna saying that when I saw what she sees in me that her work was done. I was astonished just two months into our work together to realize I had found myself, fully intact, not in need of any fixing. Thank you, Jasna, for being a treasured part of my life.

Kate Nelson

Writer/Producer, Artful Living Executive Editor

Jasna and I first connected in March of 2012. I had been in business for about 16 months and wondering how I would have more balance in my life and pursue other professional and personal goals. It’s easy to become so absorbed in one’s business especially when you love what you do and it’s been a dream of yours for some time. After a couple of sessions with Jasna it was very clear that you are always in charge of your destiny and can live the life of your dreams – you just have to choose to do it. I had to let go of limiting beliefs like, “if I don’t work as much the business won’t be as successful,” when the reality is, the more balanced my life is, the better I am as a therapist/entrepreneur and the more clients I attract. I can accomplish in 4 days what I used to do in 5 or 6 by coming up with a solution that included relying on others to work more, after all, I created a team for a reason. Also, my passion is bigger than a business, I really want to help people live their best life – healthy, joyful and abundant and that means living that way too, it’s not just about making more money, it’s about waking up each morning with a purpose that excites you and surrounding yourself with positive, joyful people. It’s being grateful for what I already have and trusting that I’m where I should be at this moment. Jasna has supported me in this process and brought me to a balanced place sooner than later. Every time we talk I feel like “it’s so simple, I just have to do it” or “it’s so clear, I know this is the right decision, I just have to follow through.” The choice is always yours to make. She asks questions that makes you see your authentic self and want to live an authentic life. I’m always excited to refer a client, friend or family member to her as she is just amazing, she helps you live the life of your dreams and if you aren’t clear what that is, she can help you uncover it. I am truly grateful to have her as my Coach and it’s heartwarming to see how she’s helped those around me.

Sharon Vendle

Spa Belle Vie Owner/Entrepreneur

Before I began my coaching experience, I was paralyzed with fear and therefore I was “stuck.” Jasna helped me move past all my internalized fears and gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. In the end, I’m the only one who knows what’s right for me. I need to trust my gut instinct, which has never steered me wrong. I can’t live my life to please others – I have to do what makes me happy. Jasna’s approach is results-oriented and she takes her commitment as a coach seriously. If there’s something you want to change in your life, she will make your dream a reality. She will guarantee that you accomplish every goal you set. It’s amazing to see what you can accomplish when you have an accountability partner in your corner. Not only that, but she will provide you with lifelong tools for dealing with fears or insecurities in the future. Jasna lights up a room – she radiates positivity and kindness to the core. She is so much more than a coach – she is like your best friend, sister, mentor, teacher, and role model all in one. It couldn’t be any more evident that she loves what she does, and this has attributed to her success as a coach. I loved having a coach to hold me accountable for the things I wanted to do but never would have done if left to my own devices.

Gillian Mattox

Business Owner/Writer

Jasna is a bright beam of positiveness! Jasna helped me learn about and understand my self and my values. In doing so, she helped motivate me to go after my goals and dreams. Anyone would be so lucky to work with and learn from Jasna.

Jennifer Harden

Sales Director

Every session with Jasna changes my life……she has this gift to go deep quickly and dig out some juicy stuff.

After our sessions I always feel super alive again. I am so invigorated about Jasna’s passion and excitement.

Lindsey Heiserman

Life/Health Coach

Jasna lead a workshop for a group of employees at our company. We discussed our values, what truly motivates us and reaching for the things we want in life. Jasna also gave us tools for taking action and our employees left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. The way Jasna allows others feel open and comfortable is incredible. Her authenticity brings out the authenticity and vulnerability in others. She does this through her compassion, by asking thought provoking questions, and sharing her own story. She is truly amazing at what she does and I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with her.

Callie Taralson

Resource Manager , Solution Design Group

Jasna is an UNBELIVIABLE individual! Just being around her makes you smile, so it’s impossible not to believe in yourself when you are with her, which is very important when you are at a Life Coaching session! Jasna holds a perfect balance of sweet and stern. She holds your hand throughout the process, but she also holds you accountable for your own actions and goals, and that is a great combination. I learned more about who I was and what I value most in life. I also learned how to be a better goal setter and how to go after what it is that I want. Jasna has a gift and I feel truly blessed to have worked with her.

Amy Johnson

Telecommunication Specialist/Entrepreneur

If you want to make substantive change in your life to create the kind of life that is more fulfilling, working with Jasna is the best gift you can give yourself. I came to work with Jasna when I was at a crossroad. She supported and inspired me to get out of my own way, and begin owning my strength and talents fully. I am now running my own successful consulting business, working with clients that I love, and doing my work perfectly from anywhere I choose. I am truly grateful for Jasna, and working with her.

Shelley Taniguchi


I feel so lucky to have met you! Your words open doors in people’s souls and you are truly inspiring. I thought about my dreams and who I was a lot this weekend. Surprisingly, I have subconsciously reached half of my short term goals but the harder ones I have let other people tell me it’s not possible. I am now working towards overcoming those negative words and working towards my dream to fully find out who I am! Thanks for being you and inspiring me to revisit my dreams!

Amber Nadeau

Implementation Project Manager

I recently took a three-session class with Jasna on “Finding your Purpose.” Jasna was wonderful to work with; her passion for working with people is immediately evident and she is so warm and genuine that we were all put at ease and felt comfortable really delving into our personalities. Jasna’s approach is also empowering and by the end of the class, we were enlightened and excited to go out into the world and live with purpose: our purpose.

LuAnne Pederson

Attorney at Law

After hearing so many good things about Jasna as a life coach, our Minnesota’s RMA Women’s Forum recently hosted Jasna during a lunch and learn event where she spoke about Living on Purpose. Not only was our record setting attendance exciting, but our audience was captivated and ‘on the edge of their seats’ hanging on Jasna’s every word. As I assessed the room, I was struck with many head nods, smiles, and tears as Jasna reached out with her message to encourage these women to align their dreams, goals and actions. Personally, I think Jasna is an awesome woman whose true calling is to help others explore who they really are or dream to be. I feel like I have known her forever and could reach out to her at any time for anything.

Jeanne Scharf

RMA Women’s Forum Steering Committee Member

Coaching with Jasna can be described as nothing less than a life-changing experience. I laughed, I cried, I acknowledged my deepest vulnerabilities, and I empowered my most brilliant heart. Jasna’s loving embrace allows the type of exploration that I would never have been brave enough to try alone. She saw me as more than anything I have ever acknowledged and it was overwhelming, painful, beautiful, and rejuvenating. Because of the work I have done with Jasna, I know that I am beautiful, I am strong, I am abundant, and I am powerful. The world is lucky to have the woman Jasna helped me to become. Jasna, thank you for your strength, courage, and love, for I could not imagine a life where I continued floundering as I was. Because of your help, I am growing stronger and stronger each day into the type of woman I love being. You bring joy and love to the world in the simplest way – just by really seeing people. Thank you for seeing me.

Stephanie Clausen

A Blonde Ambition Owner/Life Coach

When I began working with Jasna, I expected to focus on my career and where my next steps should take me. Jasna takes an approach that encounters your whole being. My career turned out to be one small element in my personal growth. I have learned and continue to learn so much from her – all things that I will take with me every step of my life. My thought process and daily life have been renewed to make room for spiritual growth and a strong sense of self. Jasna is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She creates a space for you to be free, open, and thrive – something neither I knew I could benefit from nor needed. She dedicates her whole self to helping clients realize their potential. She is a tremendous spirit with incredible talent and energy to share. Working with her is a much welcomed adventure that continues to unfold. It has been the most powerful and empowering experience of my life!

Janelle Voyakin

IT Consulting Manager

Jasna is inspiring. I immediately felt safe when I met her – this allowed me to be truly open and honest about who I am and what I want. Admittedly, I didn’t think I knew what I wanted until a few visits with Jasna – as she asked such poignant questions and showed me ways to coach me ‘out’ of my own head (where my resistance stems). After 9 years in the same job I felt stifled. I didn’t get the sense that the company was as dedicated to me as I was dedicated to them. I began to pursue a position that offered me the growth I desired and Jasna’s encouragement offered me the confidence to apply for a new job. Not only did I get the new job. I am appreciated, supported, have amazing growth potential and my bank account is seeing the benefits of me pushing myself to greater heights! If that isn’t enough, the flexibility with the new job offers me time to dedicate to my true love – writing. I have already published one book and have another in the hopper. Having written my whole life – I never shared anything, with anyone, until now. Jasna helped me to see that I already had all the answers and the confidence to truly believe in myself. No one knows better what I want than me. And maybe Jasna.

Heather O'Hagan

Writer/Project Manager

Even the most seasoned professional can lose track of the basic element that brought them professional or personal joy. At least that’s where I found myself when I began working with Jasna as a coach. Sucked into the vortex of always needing to do more and become more I found that I had reached a place in life that I no longer recognized. I had lost the spark, the joy and fulfillment that comes from doing that which makes you “full”. I didn’t know what to expect when I met with Jasna. I was looking for answers. Jasna made me understand that I already had the answers; I just hadn’t asked myself the right questions yet. Through several sessions Jasna was able to gently, and I might add masterfully, nurture the answers out of me and allow me to eventually see the path I needed to take to the fullness I was seeking. I am forever grateful for her help.

Bob Koehler

President and Owner , Koehler Companies, Inc

Jasna and I met when I gave her a massage a few years back. Getting to know her, she was such a ray of light! her kind words and inspiration have helped our friendship grow. I began sharing my dreams of a niche massage practice. At that time, I didn’t know what what her career was and assumed she was just a really happy client and shared kind words. Once Jasna and I decided to work together, she has inspired me beyond all expectations. She has showed me I can do all I dreamed of and more! I will be forever grateful to her and recommend her to anyone that wants to be a better person, new job or business or to anyone that just wants to better anything in their life. Jasna is amazing!

Heather Johnson

Owner/Massage Therapist, Mind Body Professional in Home Massage

I gained my energy and passion back for working with people; I feel like myself again. I also feel that I let go of fears that I had about changing. I am not as fearful of change and definitely not scared to take baby steps forward. Jasna shows contagious warmth, passion for coaching and an obvious commitment to helping people discover what they want to be; it is incredible. That is what made her a great coach and fit for me. If you want to truly discover what you want, and make steps towards your goals and dreams, give coaching a chance. Work with Jasna!”

Jen Chamberlain

Nurse/Non-Profit Professional

This relationship has deeply impacted the course of my life! I have gained a stronger sense of purpose and direction in coaching with Jasna. I did not ever think to myself that I would want to have a life coach in my life, but without her help, I do not believe that I would be able to fully comprehend and believe that I am able to do what I want to do. While listening to me talk about my passions and troubles, she rooted out my strengths and interests without even having to really directly ask me. More than that, Jasna has given me real recognition with understanding my passions and pursuing them with me in a mental way that provides me with support and encouragement, not allowing me to tell myself that something is not possible. Jasna is truly an amazing life coach.

Kenneth Yang


I am in the process of reshaping many aspects of my life. Working with Jasna was absolutely instrumental in assisting me during this process. She is incredibly creative, non-judgmental and able to get to the essence of the matter . She assisted me in looking at my life through a variety of lenses, which allowed me to review all of my options, and incorporate new ones as well. The work that I completed with Jasna has benefited me both personally and professionally, I highly recommend working with Jasna as you explore new territory — or a perhaps to enhance what you have already created. Jasna, I am grateful for you and also so proud of the way you are a pioneer for many women on the path back to our truth. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Erica Schneekloth

International/National Program Development Consultant , Vibe Health and Fitness

I am out of a situation that made me unhappy and I have a new outlook on life. Although it was always something I thought I wanted to leave, I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it without having a life coach. If I would have, I wouldn’t have been confident in my decision like I was. My overall positive outlook on life has returned and I wake up each day ready to take on new opportunities. Jasna sees the best in everybody and is sincerely concerned with helping them to become the best versions of themselves. She lights up a room with her energy and makes it’s impossible not to feel motivated and energized after talking to her. Her support has given me the courage I needed to turn my life around and to live the life I have always imagined!

Kristin Sweetman

Life and Health Coach

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