What Levi's Jeans taught me about how life works

Hello beautiful people, today I want to talk about what Levi’s Jeans taught me about simplicity in life.

I want to take you back to post-war Bosnia and tell you about a pair of jeans that I worked very hard for. This is something I keep coming back to over and over again as I experience new things in life. Just when I think I got it all, my wish list and goal list expands. I think that having that something will change everything in my life but after so many “letdowns” at the arrival, I have decided to enjoy the journey along the way instead.

First lesson today is in beauty of simplicity. The idea of having more or a lot of something (and let’s be honest, we have a LOT!) doesn’t make it all better. Just because I can afford many pairs of jeans today doesn’t make me happier than the simplicity of just having one pair.

Secondly, it is imperative that we appreciate the things we work hard for, but so often we immediately move into the next thing and fail to enjoy the ride along the way.

Last, there is something to be said about working hard for something and learning what you are made of.

So, if you are struggling with achieving something right now, or feel like you need simplicity in your life than this just might be the right episode for you.

Much love to you all,


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