One thing that may be making you feel stupid and killing your confidence

Hello beautiful people, today I want to talk about the one thing that may be making you feel stupid and killing your confidence.

I really believe that there is something that we are all good at (yes, that includes you!). One thing that you can do and feel good and know that you are doing a good job (bonus if it makes you feel like you can fly), but most of us follow the conventional path of doing what’s right and end up in jobs that have the potential of killing us and our confidence.

Let me be clear – I don’t think everyone needs to do their own thing, but I do believe that some people like 9-5 lifestyle and security so they can focus on other things. The problem arises when you find yourself in a job that is not a fit and where you feel like you are always interviewing for the job you already have.

Over time, this predicament can seriously erode your confidence and make you feel stupid. You think I am kidding? I see smart people daily who think they are stupid because they find themselves in a job that is not their zone of genius. This is scary!

Today, I talk about this problem and offer few nuggets of how to navigate these waters.

Click on the video below and watch.

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Much love to you all,


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