Waiting for perfection

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day.

This constant striving and constant “not-enough” mess will be the deadly force for all of us. Some of us will get sick, others will let their lives go by without paying attention to the moments and quality people, and the rest will make it to the very top and revel in their loneliness.

You can achieve great things in life and you should if that’s in your heart…..but if it comes at the cost of health, relationships, or inner peace- it is never worth it. Everyone says how journey is where the juice is…..why not use it yourself. If one more person tells you that you are not enough because you haven’t been featured somewhere or because you don’t drive a fancy car, send them my way.

My life will be perfect when I have everything ready. Things will be better when things fall into place. Once I lose weight things will be perfect. As soon as I finish my office my life will be in order. After I get married I will be happy. Right when I have a baby my life will make sense. When I get that certification my life will be perfect…….and on and on and on with waiting for the things to be “perfect” before we actually do something. Waiting for perfection will always force you into analysis-paralysis. Today, I am totally taking my own medicine and shooting the video before it’s all perfect – click to see what I mean.

Flex that muscle of doing something now before it all falls into place (and see my fancy schmancy office:))

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day. Here’s a recent video I did that will compliment these tips! And – you get a sneak peak of my office that is yet to be finished.

Would you like more of these tips?
Join the crowd and be happy you did.

Being thoughtful about our own lives

But I find it interesting that we are often so thoughtful about others and it comes very naturally but when it comes to our own lives it can be much more difficult to be thoughtful.

Dealing with hecklers

The interactions we would share the following days would be one of the most powerful learning moments that could ever come from this experience

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