Perpetual Contrast

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day.

Hello beautiful people,

As many of you know, I am a huge research geek so of course today’s video is on a piece of research I recently read and what it has to do with your life, purpose, and happiness.

The research I was reading came from Robert B. Cialoni book The Psychology Influence of Persuasion and the concept of perceptual contrast. Perpetual Contrast is the difference between two things and how it is dependent on what and how it is presented to us, one after another.

Learn also how we might be less satisfied with our partners because of all the media we view constantly, and how our partners should look or act or how we should look or act. We are all victims of perceptual contrast and not just with our perception of our partners.

Watch and let me know if the video resonated with you!

Yes you can, but you have to start by taking small action every day. Here’s a recent video I did about this topic!

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Being thoughtful about our own lives

But I find it interesting that we are often so thoughtful about others and it comes very naturally but when it comes to our own lives it can be much more difficult to be thoughtful.

Dealing with hecklers

The interactions we would share the following days would be one of the most powerful learning moments that could ever come from this experience

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