Theory behind change and how it can help you follow through

Hello beautiful people, today I want to talk about the theory behind change and how it can help you follow through in life.

One of the most fascinating things I notice when working with people is that no matter what it is we are dealing with, when we are explained the process or have some kind of a framework to follow, then things seem to make more sense and we seem to find more peace with it. Furthermore, we seem to be more motivated to keep going.

I am a geek when it comes to understanding human nature through research and science, so much so that I love to learn to apply the tools I learn and see what shows up.

Today I talk about a theory that explains how we process change, and how long it takes as well as how you cannot force the process or change.

Thanks to this framework of Transtheoretical stages of change, I can now look at something and understand where I am at and where I am headed. It’s really kind of interesting when you start to observe your own process.

Click on the video below and watch.

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Much love to you all,


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