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My treasure box

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Today I want to talk about what is in my treasure box and how it helps me reflect and reconnect with my authentic self.

I am often asked how I inspire myself when I have “blah” days and I thought I would share that with all of you. Let’s be honest: everyone has days when we would just love to stay in bed all day long and not face the world.


I actually like those kind of days, they force me to get back to basics and go inward. Every time I do that, I reconnect with my inner peace again and am ready to take on the world, all over again.


I would like to invite you to change your outlook and start looking at those “blah” days like a gift waiting to be opened and discovered. This is especially true for those us in the Midwest heading into dark winters.


Here is one thing that always helps me reflect and reconnect with my authentic self: my treasure box or the little green box that could:)


I like to read a lot and I often come across inspirational articles, quotes and images. Before, I would connect with any of those items, they would inspire me for a moment and soon – I would forget about them. Few years go, however, I started collecting those articles, quotes and images and putting them in a nice box I found. There was something about those things that spoke to me and it continued to do so every time I looked at it. So, why not have it ready to look at when I need it the most?

I wanted an eye pleasing treasure box that would be my “pick me up” when I needed it. I fill it with images that inspire, with old letters, stories and old items that used to mean something to me. Occasionally, I will go through the box and replace it with new and more current things that interest me.


Besides the little green box that could (I just love calling it that!), I also have a nice mason jar in my office filled with my secret desires and list of things I am grateful for. It is something I do with my husband every year: we add things we are grateful for and write the list of things we want for next year. I know of a couple that does it every year as well with their 5 children – what a great ritual, right?


magic mason jar


I hope you enjoyed this mini tour into my world and I hope that it inspired you to do something for you. Remember, you are responsible for your happiness and you can always do something to turn your days around.

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