How one woman changed thrifting: Interview with Michelle Raven


Founder of personal shopping service at Arc’s Value Village

I am becoming slightly obsessed with finding men and women among us who created something despite fears, objections, or beliefs. These men and women might not be on the cover of Forbes Magazine (just yet!), but they are changing their communities, inspiring others, and just making this world a better place.

One of those people is Michelle Raven, founder of personal shopping service at Arc’s Value Village in Minnesota. I met her through a lovely client of mine and was immediately drawn to her story, and her unusual undertaking and creativity. Few weeks ago, I got a chance to meet her in person during a Girl Creative event (that video coming next week!) and I asked her some questions about fears, overcoming, creating something, and how being a mom has changed her. She is a delight and along with her stylists (love Emily!) – they have introduced me to this concept of thrifting that I resisted for a long time (remnant from the war and always getting second hand clothing). For years, I thought that it would not be good image but Michelle tends to dispel that and remind people how much good they can do by shopping at Arc’s Value Village (and how cute they can look too!).

Watch the interview below.

“What’s the worst thing that can happen? Just say yes today to this one step that will get you closer.”

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Being thoughtful about our own lives

But I find it interesting that we are often so thoughtful about others and it comes very naturally but when it comes to our own lives it can be much more difficult to be thoughtful.

Dealing with hecklers

The interactions we would share the following days would be one of the most powerful learning moments that could ever come from this experience

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